N    O    N    A
                                                                                   ECLECTIC                VIBRANT               EVOCATIVE
                         “... fascinating, haunting and beautiful ...”

NONA, musicians with an eclectic musical and cultural background who combine the rich tone of the cello with the depth and groove of the bass to bring forth exciting performances of their own arrangements and compositions.


News update: Our debut album is now available!

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Also available on itunes and Amazon.


May 20, Towson, MD

May 21, Baltimore, MD

May 22, Chevy Chase, MD

May 24, Glenarm, MD

May 25, Westminster, MD

May 26, Lancaster, PA

May 28, Quaryville, PA

June 1, Baltimore, MD

June 2, Willow Street, PA

June 4, Mechanicsburg, PA

August 11, San Rafael CA

August 8-12, San Jose Chamber Orchestra Youth Camp Faculty

August 14, San Francisco

August 15, San Francisco

August 19, La Jolla CA

August 20, Hemet CA

September 17, Orange City

September 29, St-Pete FL

April 19, Montréal, QC

April 22, Montréal, QC

June 7, Sarasota, FL

July 8, Sarasota, FL

August 3-17, MD, PA, DC


Past performances:


July 29, Washington, DC

July 31, Baltimore, MD

Aug. 4,Chevy Chase, MD

Oct. 7, St-Petersburg, FL

Oct. 27, Tampa, FL